Becca Luna’s Passive Passion Project Course Review

Is Becca Luna’s Passive Passion Project Course Worth It?

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If you are wondering how to make passive income by selling Showit website templates, Becca’s Passive Passion Project Course is a no-brainer. I’m a student of Wealthy Web Designer, CEO of Showit, The Site Canvas Library, and PPP and this course in particular is by far the most in-depth, meatiest course she offers. There are SO many steps and details to building a template shop that it would have taken me God knows how long to do it on my own. The common thread through each of her courses is that she takes all of the guesswork out for you. I would waste an embarrassing amount of time overthinking everything. Not anymore!

What is Passive Passion Project?

Passive Passion Project is a video-based course that teaches Showit designers how to create and sell website templates on Showit. You’re learning from Becca Luna, who make 6+ figures in less than six months by creating and selling templates. That’s 6+ figures in PASSIVE INCOME.

Who is PPP for?

This course is for Showit designers, looking to create passive income in their business. While I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to have experience on Showit to buy this course, but it would definitely help. If you are brand new to to web design and Showit, I would highly recommend taking her CEO of Showit and/or Wealthy Web Designer courses before taking Passive Passion Project.

Who is PPP not for?

I believe anyone interested in selling Showit website templates can take this course. Even if you have no experience, she is pretty much holding your hand every step of the way. If you are committed to the process, this course is for you.


None. If you read my review on Becca’s Wealthy Web Designer Course (read that here), you know my only complaint there was that she didn’t go into more detail on templates. After taking this course, I understand why. There is so much that goes into building a template shop that it would be unrealistic to add this to another course. There is so much substance that it needs its’ own course. I truly have no complaints when it comes to PPP- there was nothing left unanswered for me.

Inside Passive Passion Project - Becca Luna's Showit Template Course

Inside Passive Passion Project

I’ve outlined the course below. Most videos are of Becca sharing her screen, which I really liked. Along with the video lessons, she gives you her Asana templates, Google docs she uses for outlines, email templates, and get this.. a Showit keycode for a template shop so you don’t have to build it from scratch. Simply plug in the code and customize it to your liking. This saves SO much time. I can’t speak highly enough about this course. Not only is she guiding you step by step, but she gives you everything she uses herself. There is no gatekeeping the good stuff and giving you a general broad idea of what to do…you can tell she truly believes there is enough work to go around and is in no way threatened by giving ALL OF HER SECRETS away.

Below is the exact outline of the PPP course.

Strategy and Foundation

This lesson helped quiet my scatterbrained mind and start to get focused on which direction I wanted to go. I always have so many ideas and love so many different aesthetics, I just felt like where the heck do I start? The Research & Reflect questionnaire she gives you really helped me feel like the wheels were finally turning in real life and it was no longer just ideas in my brain.

  • Niching & Pricing
  • Research & Reflect
  • Homework: Create your Game Plan

Creation Mode

My favorite module. If you’re like me, you second guess and overthink everything-this module eliminates that. She shares her screen as she creates a template from scratch. You watch as she goes into to find photos, and brings them into Canva where she creates mood boards, a color pallet, and fonts. Then brings you into Showit where she inputs the colors and fonts into the Design Settings and she gets to work! You literally watch her turn a plain white canvas into a badass website so quickly. Her process is so refined that it literally seems effortless. I finished this module feeling inspired, creative, and thinking I CAN DO THIS!

  • Outline Creation
  • Template Branding
  • Create Showit Templates
  • Polishing the Craft
  • Homework: Wealthy Waitlist

Setting Up Shop

Okay, this module blows my mind because as I mentioned earlier, she gives you the Showit keycode for a prebuilt shop template that she created. She has taken all of the tedious work out of it so you can literally just focus on creating your templates and plugging them in. Enter the keycode and customize and personalize to your heart’s desire. You’ll also learn how to connect your shop to Shopify or Thrivecart so customers can buy from you! Showit doesn’t have its own e-commerce function so this is super important to understand.

  • Building on Showit
  • Creating Your Assets
  • Setting Up Rich Pins
  • Integrating with Shopify
  • Integrating with Thrivecart

Systems and Structure

Becca gives you ANOTHER key code of the post-purchase page so you don’t have to build this from scratch. This module really helps you experience your shop from a customer’s perspective. What happens when a customer purchases a template from you? How do they get their keycode? What do they do next? Becca covers all of this here.

  • Post-Purchase Page
  • Digital Download (Shopify Only)
  • The Customer Experience
  • Homework: Film Training Videos

Marketing and Magic

I love learning marketing from Becca because she practices what she preaches. Not to mention, she has accomplished everything without spending a DIME on advertising. In today’s online world, this is so rare. Her Selling on Socials video is a 33-minute lesson on how to market on Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook groups.

  • Selling on Social
  • Cash Injection Promos
  • Affiliate Program

Ready to Launch

So exciting once you’ve reached this lesson. Although this is a meaty course, it is so thorough that it really makes building a template shop feel attainable, while before it felt like such a daunting task. This module gives you the confidence to launch your shop and get it out in the world!

  • Personal Site Audit Checklist
  • Post-Purchase Audit Checklist
  • Launch Email Templates
Showit Template Course - Passive Passion Project

How Much Does Passive Passion Project Cost?

If you pay in full, you pay $999 (savings of $300). Or Becca offers a payment plan: 4 payments of $325. Looking for Becca Luna Course Coupon Codes? I got you. Use PARTNER15 for 15% off her courses.

Final Thoughts

This course is a no-brainer to buy for anyone wanting to sell Showit templates and create passive income in their business. Not only is so much information given, but tangible things like keycodes for a template shop, Asana boards, email templates, etc are provided so you can focus on creating your templates instead of tedious things that steal your energy and attention. I’ve gone through this course twice. The first time, I just took it all in. The second time, I actually split my screen and worked alongside of her, which I highly recommend.

Passive Passion Project is so detailed and thorough and it is primarily screen-share-based (Becca sharing her screen while she works). It is more of an exact how-to course- rather than a mindset type of course. As you can tell, I’m a fan of Becca and her courses. I was so tired of seeing websites that all looked the same. Templated, boring, no personality, no movement. When I found Becca on Tiktok, she was proof of what was possible. She was creating these stunning, unique websites and making bank while doing it. Getting to be creative for a living is such a gift and learning from someone who is doing it so effortlessly is a no-brainer for me. You either have this business in a box, as I like to call it. OR you can DIY your business with endless Googling, Youtube videos, and piecing together everything you’ve learned. Why waste months, even years figuring it out yourself when you have an exact, step-by-step, PROVEN blueprint from someone who is doing what you want to be doing.

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