Is Becca Luna a Scam?


You’ve seen Becca on Tiktok talking about how much money she makes from her web design business and you’re thinking, there’s no way. This MUST be a scam influencer. I’ve seen the chatter in the forums over the last few years, with other designers hating on her and her courses, code-bros in her comments, and in my opinion, lots of jealous people who haven’t cracked the code on making GOOD money as a web designer, like Becca seems to have done.


Not at the same time. But she got me. I bought into everything she said. The woman is a fantastic salesperson. Unlike me, it comes very naturally to her. And more power to her! I had previously designed websites for myself on WordPress (NEVER AGAIN), Squarespace, Shopify, and even dabbled in Wix to see what that was about (not a fan).

After hearing Becca talk about Showit (another web design platform with no code and no limits to what you can create) I knew I had to try it out. I signed up for the month-free trial and was hooked. I created websites for our own business but had never offered my services to other people. After our Etsy business exploded at an unhealthy and unsustainable pace, we closed shop after four years and I wanted to change directions into web design.


It wasn’t cheap, but I figured I could make my money back pretty quickly once I started selling websites. Is WWD an in-depth course on Showit? No. Her CEO of Showit course is great for this. Her Wealthy Web Designer course is perfect for someone looking into starting a web design business. Even if you have a general idea of how to go about it, I loved being able to see HER proven, and highly successful process.

Since Becca launched her courses, there have been many other designers who have done the same. I’m sure all of them are extremely helpful and there is a course for everyone, no matter where you’re at in your web design journey. But one of the things I loved most about learning from Becca, was she inspired me to think differently. Her websites didn’t look like everyone else’s. They were soooo unique and creative and inspired me to think outside the box.

If you look up “Showit website” or “Showit designer” on Instagram right now, it looks like every photo is from the same business. Everyone looks the same. Aesthetic beige, neutral websites that in my opinion, lack personality. Nothing wrong with the neutral/beige girlies, but I quickly realized, if I want to stand out, I need to get away from the neutral aesthetic ASAP.

More than anything, her courses gave me confidence.

Confidence in my work and confidence in my process. She basically holds your hand and walks you through her entire process- from landing clients in the DM’s (which WORKS) to each step of the design process and offboarding. I don’t know about you, but being able to peak behind the curtain and see how someone else does it is invaluable. It validated things I wasn’t sure I was doing correctly and then saved me so much time by not having to figure out how to onboard a client or how to present your work to clients etc. Wealthy Web Designer is a no-brainer for me. I really feel like it laid the foundation for my web design business.

You can read my full review on Wealthy Web Designer here.


  • Becca gives her exact step-by-step roadmap from first contact with a client to offboarding the client- when I landed my first client, I would go back and rewatch certain modules to see exactly what to do
  • The “Building a Custom Site” module which shows her designing a site in Showit from scratch- watching her do this gave me such confidence and made me realize I was making it much more difficult than it needed to be
  • She gives her exact templates for the questionnaires she sends clients, the Canva templates she uses for branding, her Asana templates
  • Working with clients was the scariest part for me-the design stuff came easy but I tend to be on the shy/introverted side, so I had such a fear around this part. The client modules helped SO much and told me exactly what to do regarding client communication.
  • WWD gave me confidence in what I was doing which is just as important as the design/technical part of having your own business. I am a THOUSAND percent sure I would not have been able to charge $2000 for my first website if not for this course. I couldn’t wrap my head around someone paying me that much. I jumped to $3500 for my next website a few weeks later. This gave me such confidence in myself–I really am so grateful.

  • “Too many lessons are just of her talking to the camera.”
  • The initial release of the course primarily consisted of videos of Becca talking to the camera. There were screen-sharing lessons as well but I could see how someone might have that complaint.
  • BUT! She has since added more lessons. One of which shows her screen as she creates a website in Showit, from scratch. In my opinion, this was the best lesson of the course. Seeing how it all comes together on the backend really helped me understand it on such a deeper level.
  • She has also said she plans on continuing to add modules as time goes on, which I’m really excited about.
  • I’ll also say this- Becca is super open and proactive with feedback. She will add content, whether that be to a course, a podcast, a Tiktok, or IG video to address common questions.
  • “She didn’t go in depth on XYZ”
  • This course covers a LOT. But I can see how if you were looking for her to go super deep on one thing, in particular, you might be left wanting more. If you’re wanting to know if she covers something or have questions about the course-DM or email her–Becca and her team are the most helpful, genuine people.

  • I honestly only had one complaint and this was partially my fault for not asking upfront. Because most of her Tiktok’s were about making passive income from templates, I assumed the course would go into more detail about this. Becca DID have a lesson on it but it’s a quick overview-doesn’t go into depth.
  • BUT! I follow that by saying, once I took her Passive Passion Project Course (her template course was released a few months later), I understood why template building/selling needed its own course. PPP is the most detailed, in-depth course I have taken. It’s literally fail-proof when you’re building your template shop because she shows you every minuscule step. And there are a LOT of steps. Click here to learn more about her template course, Passive Passion Project.


If you scroll her comments on Tiktok, you’re probably thinking, gosh why so many haters!? I think it all comes down to jealousy. You’re either the type of person who feels like there is only so much work to go around and take her success as a threat. OR you have an abundant mindset, you’re inspired by what she’s done and see her success as proof of what is possible.

I can honestly say, taking her courses have changed my life. Wealthy Web Designer is a no-brainer if you’re wanting to start a web design business. You can check out pricing and all of the details here. If she has a bundle sale going on, BUY IT! Her Passive Passion Project course saved me so much time and so much of a headache trying to figure out how to sell Showit templates on my own. There are so many questions and roadblocks you run into that it nearly seemed impossible to figure out how to sell templates, how to deliver the files, etc. without this course.

The Site Canvas Library feels like cheating the system and is worth EVERY PENNY. You can literally use her designs and make them your own. Use them in client projects or use them in your templates that you sell! You don’t have to build anything- you literally add her already designed canvases to your website. They come built out in desktop and mobile. Like I said, it doesn’t feel fair to have access to this, so take advantage of it!!


Where to find web design clients. She goes over this thoroughly in Wealthy Web Designer and it’s super helpful. But there is one major difference I’ve learned after watching her throughout the years. She has a natural gift of not only being wildly creative, but she could sell anyone anything. To me, building websites became the easy part. Finding clients wanting to spend thousands of dollars wasn’t as easy as she made it out to be.

Not that Becca was being misleading by any means, but after speaking with a few of her students, this was always the common thread. She makes it look so easy being able to sell a 4k-10k website and it turns out to be a little harder than I thought! If you’re good at sales, you can find success right off the bat like she did. But for those who are not natural salespeople, it takes a bit more time and patience. Even getting out of your comfort zone and trying to put yourself out there. Which, to me, this is my least favorite thing in the world. I’d rather hide behind my computer!

Now if she comes out with a sales course, I’m all in. Because I want what she has!! She seems fearless and confident and it’s much easier to come across as an expert when you have that kind of personality.

Bottom line, Becca Luna’s Courses Are WORTH IT

If you came hoping for some BL tea, I’m sorry but I don’t have any for you! I am truly glad I invested in her courses and I would not have the business I have today without her. It would have taken me so much longer to figure out things on my own. Buying her courses is like buying a roadmap with the exact steps you need.

Check out Wealthy Web Designer and Passive Passion Project (click those links to see if she’s currently running a sale) and see if you think it will be a good fit. I personally, can’t imagine where I’d be in my business without them. DM me or email me if you have questions!! Hopefully, I can help.

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