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Grow Your Balloon Business With Our Fun, Colorful, Showit Website Templates

Looking for balloon artist website templates that will help you book more clients and look more professional online? Look no further than our two newest Showit website templates. Designed with a balloon artist/stylist party planner in mind, but can be customized for ANY industry. By opting for a website template instead of custom design, you save thousands of dollars and can get your website up and running in no time. As balloon artists and party planners, your creativity and expertise deserve a platform that not only showcases your talent but also converts visitors into clients.

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Does your balloon business need a website?

Short answer, YES! If you’re relying on Instagram, TikTok, or client referrals, not only are you missing out on a world of potential clients, but social media accounts are getting needlessly suspended more than ever. And with support options being minimal (does anyone else miss the days of talking to an actual HUMAN instead of a chatbot for help!?), it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to get your account reinstated.

Owning your own website gives you extra security and peace of mind. It’s your business’s home base. Social media is a great tool to capture new leads and show what your business is about, but I like to view it as only PART of your business toolbox. Maybe Instagram or Tiktok is what gets them in the door, but your website is where they make the transaction.

Reasons why a website is essential for a balloon artist or party planner:

  1. Establishes your online presence and showcases your beautiful work!
  2. Expands your reach beyond your referrals and your social media followers
  3. Facilitates easy bookings and inquiries from potential clients.
  4. When people search for “balloon artist” or “balloon arch” in your area on Google – YOU show up!
  5. Provides a centralized platform for sharing information and updates.
  6. Builds trust with potential clients through testimonials and reviews.
  7. You simply look more legit- clients are more likely to spend money with you instead of a similar business with an amateur looking website

Link Your Website Template to Honeybook to Streamline Booking and Checkout Process

I’ve worked with several balloon artists, including Jordyn from The Posh Balloon (check her out if you haven’t already!), and all of them connected their website to their Honeybook account to streamline the booking process. With Honeybook, you can have client contracts, deposits, payment options, and a virtual menu of the services you provide. This makes it super easy for clients to click an “inquire here” type of button and be sent to your Honeybook, where they can select different balloon garland sizes, etc. It also helps keep clients out of your DM’s with the endless back and forth questions.

Why Showit

If your current website isn’t on Showit, making the switch is super easy. Showit is a website builder that will host your website, (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s comparable to Squarespace). I’ve personally used WordPress (NEVER AGAIN), Wix, Squarespace, and Showit, and in my opinion, nothing compares to Showit.

With any new platform you use, there is a learning curve in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy to make changes to your website. If you want to try Showit, you can try one month free here.

Here are my favorite things about Showit:

  1. Easy drag and drop interface
  2. Built in SEO (helps you show up higher in Google search results)
  3. Mobile experience can be completely customized
  4. Unparalleled creative freedom (whatever you imagine, you can create!)
  5. BFF style chat support (seriously, the nicest, smartest humans ever)
  6. Uses the power of WordPress for Blogging (design your blog in Showit and write your posts in WP)
  7. Easy to make changes to your site

So let’s get to the good stuff. Meet our two new balloon artist website templates, “Celebrate” and “Balloon Artist”. If you’re tired of blending it and prefer websites that are fun, colorful, and clean, while still looking professional, these templates are for you! Packed with personality and 100% customizable to help you grow your party planning or balloon business.

Check out our “Balloon Artist” template below. She is a fun, bright, colorful, and happy website template, with fun squiggly shapes and sparkly elements that really help you stand out in your industry. This website features beautiful pops of peach, pink, and orange, but can be completely customized to your own branding. Click here to view this balloon artist template. For use on the Showit platform only.

Next, is possibly my favorite party planner / balloon artist website template, “Celebrate”. I’m obsessed with the script font, the fun and unique pop-out menu, and how it’s carefully crafted to make growing your business and booking more clients easier. I designed this template using the same features I used in custom projects for balloon artists like Jordyn, with The Posh Balloon. Included are pages for custom balloon installations, grab and go options, a size guide, and more. Link to your Honeybook for easy and streamlined booking process for you and your clients. Click here to check out the “Celebrate” template!

Make sure to check out our 🎉 template shop 🎉 where you can view a live demo of each page on each website template. Even if you aren’t a party planner or balloon artist, you can customize these fun, colorful templates to ANY creative business.

If custom is your jam, feel free to reach out to me so we can get started! My hope is to create clean, beautiful websites that show off your creativity and talents and help you to book more clients and grow your business. I wish you endless success in your business and reach out if you have any questions at all!



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