Website Design Portfolfio

Kylie and her mother run a local non-profit for women and girls wanted a colorful, happy, and chic website to match.  The site features a clean, yet colorful and professional aesthetic. She is modern and minimal with pops of bright pinks, purple, and teal.  

Chic, feminine, happy

La Femme Institute

  • Website for non-profit for women and girls
  • Teal, purple, and magenta/pink brand colors
  • Wanted fun, feminine website for non-profit
  • Donate button linked to Paypal to collect donations

Jordyn purchased two website templates from different designers but wasn't completely satisfied with either. One felt too busy and cluttered, while the other felt far too boring for her fun, colorful balloon business. My goal was to find a perfect balance between these two extremes by crafting a website that radiated joy, liveliness, and femininity, while still maintaining a clean and polished appearance.

Feminine, Bright, Clean

The Posh Balloon

  • Website for balloon business/ balloon artist
  • Fun, colorful, bright but also professional and clean
  • Pops of pink and peach
  • Linked to Honeybook for customer inquiries

Amy wanted a fun, colorful, chic website while remaining clean and professional.  We added fun photos of her balloon installations, grab and go garlands, and so much more. The wavy lines and fun sparkle elements make me so happy every time I see her site.

Colorful, cheerful, fun

Chasing Dreams Events

  • Website for luxury balloon stylist
  • Branding colors fuchsia, magenta, and teal
  • Wanted bold and colorful site
  • Inquire button links to her custom Honeybook balloon menu

Kiersten was starting her doula business and wanted to create a peaceful website with soothing eucalyptus and sage green accents.  I think we really achieved this inviting, warm feel and any soon to be mother would trust doing business with her after landing on her site.

Calm, inviting, clean

Making Mamas Birth Services

  • Website for doula services
  • Lots of personal touches with family photos
  • Fun "get to know me" quizzes to build trust
  • Soothing, inviting website

Jessica wanted a fun, clean website with lots of pink for her event planning business.  The most common request I get for party planning and balloon artist websites is that they are a balance of fun and professional, and I think we achieved just that!

playful, clean, fun

The Chic Bash

  • Website for event planner / party planner
  • Fun, colorful, bright while remaining professional
  • Showed off tablescapes, balloon decor, and champagne cart

Approachable, friendly, masculine

Suncoast Repairs

When everything shut down in 2020, my husband decided to take on handyman jobs to earn extra income.  He was paying for leads on platforms like Thumbtack and Home Advisor.  I built him a website, completely optimized for SEO and within months he was able to stop paying for advertising because he was getting so many organic leads from the website.  That little side hustle has turned into an extremely lucrative business.

  • Local handyman business fully booked because of SEO
  • Created trust with photos of Chris and family
  • Client uses Google phone number for business calls
  • Landing pages for surrounding towns

Phil wanted a new website for his windshield repair franchise.  Phil wanted the site to have lots of white and have a very modern, clean appearance. The primary goal of the site is to generate leads and convert those qualified leads into new franchise owners.  We built a streamlined funnel, making it an easier process for both the franchisee and master franchisor.

Clean, bright, modern

SuperGlass Franchise UK

  • Website for UK Franchise
  • Goal was to acquire more franchise sales
  • Features podcast page and blog

This website was built for fellow Dunedin resident, Julie.  She is a nurse, starting her own telehealth practice and wanted a website where patients could go to easily book appointments.  Julie wanted to stay away from the typical medical stock photos and instead, have a fresh, simple, and modern healthcare website.

Simple, Modern, Clean

FL Family Telehealth

  • Local RN telehealth website
  • Integrated with Cogsworth Telemedicine Appointment Scheduler
  • Enables Julie to run business from home
  • Simple Florida telehealth website 
  • Completely SEO optimized
  • Interactive before and after sliders
  • Franchise website
  • Google Maps directory for franchise locations

Client wanted a new website with two primary goals- acquiring more clients for windshield repair services, as well as attracting new potential franchisees. Dave wanted a masculine, bold site for his automotive business.

Masculine, bold

SuperGlass Franchise US